Your Ally Foundation Newsletter


Dear Reader,

We are requesting for your support to extend family support to those that need it the most. Please click on the link below for our first issue of the year.

Your Ally Foundation, Inc is a Tax exempt-501(c)3 nonprofit founded and registered with the State Secretary of State of Massachusetts, with headquarters in Boston. The entity is also fully registered in Zambia and in Uganda with the NGO bureaus. At Your Ally Foundation, we recognize the value of supporting families and other support systems whose loved one’s struggle with substance use disorders and related Mental Health Conditions. Along with our Partners CMC: FFC (USA), collaborators in Uganda- The Recovery Coalition, Great North Academy and Charity for Love in Zambia, we are facilitating ITC (Invitation to Change) trainings to Communities in the above two countries and the African diaspora in the New England area.

Our participants are trained in the Invitation to Change Approach (ITC) a helping model which challenges the ineffective and stigmatizing messages around addiction  by bringing evidence-based principles and practices, including kindness, together in a way that lay people (family, friends, first responders, educators, faith-based leaders) and health professionals of all kinds (nurses, doctors, therapists and recovery coaches) can use in their efforts to help a person struggling with substance use or other problematic behaviors. The model includes key elements of CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), MI (Motivational Interviewing), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and self-compassion in a framework that is user-friendly, jargon-free, and ready to be used by anyone in a helping role.

CMC: FFC and Your Ally Foundation are partnering to increase availability of evidence-based approaches for treating addiction in Uganda, Zambia and the African Diaspora of Boston.

Goal of Project/Collaboration:

  • Support families affected by substance use in Boston, Zambia, and Uganda by implementing ITC Support groups and conduction ITC training for professionals.
  • Create awareness and traction for progressive, effective, evidence-based strategies for responding to problematic substance use in treatment communities and homes.


Please enjoy catching up about the history of the organization, what has been done and our future.