Help Us Raise Awareness !

Working directly with families and professionals, and by empowering those affected by substance use to help one another.

Help Us Raise Awareness!

Working directly with families and professionals, and by empowering those affected by substance use to help one another.

Our Mission

Your Ally Foundation is partnering with CMC:Foundation for Change to offer Invitation to Change workshops and support groups in the New England Area, Zambia, and Uganda. We hope to build awareness and traction for progressive, effective, evidence-based strategies in treatment communities and homes.

Recent Research

Current Research Regarding Legal Performance-Enhancing Substance and Substance Use Problems Among Young Adults

Opioids and Covid 19: The Impact of the Pandemic on Efforts to Prevent and Treat Opioid Use Disorder

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Ongoing YAF Trainings

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At Your Ally Foundation, Our Work is Based on 8 Core Values


Use non-stigmatizing language to reduce social stigma related to substance use and related mood disorders.


Partner with established social agitators and collaborate with vetted entities in the community to disseminate factual information.


Addiction knows no boundaries. Everyone is directly or indirectly affected, no matter the social economic status, education status, ethnicity or gender. We aim to work with everyone seeking help and support.

Excellence in Programming

Develop evidence-based treatment approaches that work. Many traditional addiction treatment models being used today are antiquated and do not meet the current needs.


Take a targeted approach to grow the foundation's resources to better meet identified needs.

Fostering Creativity

Use creative and non-traditional means of addressing addictions in the youth. Creativity is increasingly being validated as a potent mind/body approach as well as a cost-effective intervention to address a variety of challenges across the lifespan.


Use new and innovative approaches to treat those struggling with substance use disorders and to educate treatment personnel.

Bi-Directional Learning

Use bi-directional data exchange and collaborative workflows to understand patients and minimize harm related to substance use. Your Ally Foundation's goal is to shine a light on how to care for patients with addictions in a culturally congruent manner.

Breaking Barriers and Reducing Stigma

The following information is credited to the Greyken Center for Addiction Medicine.

Non-Stigmatizing Language

  • Person with a substance use disorder

Stigmatizing Language

  • Substance abuser or drug abuser
  • Alcoholic
  • Addict
  • User
  • Abuser
  • Drunk

Non-Stigmatizing Language

  • Babies born with an opioid dependency

Stigmatizing Language

  • Addicted babies / born addicted

Non-Stigmatizing Language

  • Substance use disorder or addiction
  • Use, misuse

Stigmatizing Language

  • Drug habit
  • Abuse
  • Problem

Non-Stigmatizing Language

  • Person in recovery
  • Abstinent
  • Not drinking or taking drugs

Stigmatizing Language

  • Clean

Non-Stigmatizing Language

  • Treatment or medication for addiction
  • Medication for Opioid Use Disorder/Medication for Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Positive, negative (toxicology screen results)

Stigmatizing Language

  • Substitution or replacement therapy
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Clean, dirty

Locations in Africa Where We Collaborate

YAF 01 216h

National Referral Hospital Butabika, Kampala Uganda

YAF 03a Butabika Hospital 216h

National Referral Hospital Butabika, Kampala Uganda

YAF 03b-c Chainama Hills 216h

Chainama Hills National Referral Hospital, Lusaka Zambia

Achieving the Best Outcome at Your Ally Foundation

Dismantling stigma and shame

By collaborating with like organizations in the substance use space. Your Ally Foundation and CMC:Foundation for Change are partnering to increase availability of evidence-based approaches for treating addiction in Uganda, Zambia and the African Diaspora of Boston.

CMC:FFC offers a compassionate approach to substance use through their Invitation to Change Approach: a holistic helping framework designed for the families and loved ones of people struggling with substances, as well as the professionals who support them. Put simply, the Invitation to Change Approach brings science and kindness together.

Evidence-based strategies are combined with compassion and care, making a wealth of research-supported and clinically tested knowledge accessible, practical, and understandable for everyone who needs it.

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